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Ultrapure & RO Lab Water Systems
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Ultrapure & RO Lab Water Systems
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Product Detail :

Direct-Pure UP Ultrapure & RO Lab Water Systems with a Dispenser

The Direct-Pure UP Ultrapure & RO Lab Water System is an integrated system that produces ultrapure and reverse osmosis (RO) water from tap water directly. Quality of ultrapure water meets or exceeds ASTM, CLSI, CAP, and ISO Type I water standards.
- Electrical and water compartments are completely segregated, thus safer to operate. 
- The fully automated control system contains pre-rinse, RO membrane fouling preventing flush, RO membrane and cartridge life monitoring as well as many other programs for convenient operation.
- The pre-rinsing program starts automatically when a new RO membrane is installed so there is no need for users to set up additional cleaning procedures. 
- Two sets of dual-column purification cartridges work sequentially to ensure thorough removal of ions and organics in water. 
- The system recirculates automatically every hour to prevent microbial from growing 
- The system is equipped with a 30-liter PE tank (upgradable to a 60-liter) and a liquid level sensor.
- The remote dispenser has a built-in high precision resistivity sensor with cell constant of 0.01 cm-1 to measure the quality of ultrapure water just prior to the dispensing point..
- Volumetric dispensing and calibration.
- The handle is 360 degree-rotatable and detachable from its support for effortless and instant dispensing with maximum flexibility.  

- A 0.2 μm final filter or ultrafiltration filter (optional) removes final contaminants.
- RephiLe can provide full document support to meet users GMP, GLP, FDA and other certification requirements. 

- Optional controlling app to monitor and control the system by mobile device

Main Applications:

 Ultrapure Water RO Pure Water
HPLC mobile phase preparation
Preparation of reagent blank solution
As sample diluents for GC, HPLC, AA, ICP-MS and other analytical techniques
Preparation of buffer and culture media for mammalian cell culture
Preparation of molecular biology reagents, etc.
Glassware cleaning
Washing machine for glassware
Water bath water
Feed water to laboratory animals


 Feed Water Quality 
 Tap water* Municipal water, TDS < 1000 ppm (2000 μS/cm)
 Operating Temperature 5 - 45℃
 Feed Water Pressure 15 - 90 psi (1 - 6 bar)
 Water Production Rate 
 Ultrapure water (Type I) 1.5 L/min at 25℃
 RO water 10 to 30 L/h at 25℃
 Product Water Quality 
 RO water conductivity** Typically < 20 μS/cm
 Resistivity 18.2 MΩ·cm at 25℃
 TOC < 10 ppb (< 5 ppb with a dual wavelength UV lamp)
 Particle (> 0.2 μm) < 1/ml (with a 0.2 μm final filter)
 Microorganisms < 0.1 cfu/ml (with a 0.2 μm final filter)
 Pyrogens (endotoxins) < 0.001 Eu/ml (with UF filter)
 RNase < 0.01ng/ml (with UF filter)
 DNase < 4 pg/μL (with UF filter)
 Length x Depth x Height 30 cm × 51 cm ×48 cm
 Net Weight (Operating Weight) 22 - 25 kg (25 - 32 kg)

*If water hardness is greater than 1000 ppm, RephiLe suggests using an additional water softening device to protect the RO membrane in your system.

** Product water quality may vary depending on local feed water conditions.

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