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L-3000 Quarternary Autosampling HPLC System
  Product Code : L-3000/ Categories : LE Lab Equipment

Make : Rigol
Model :
Quarternary gradient A-S
Condition : Excellent
Config : Complete System

      Price : 1300000.00
      Availability : In Stock
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L-3000 Quarternary Autosampling HPLC System 

RIGOL L-3000 Quarternary  autosampling HPLC System is designed in accordance with UHPLC standard: with an outstanding operating pressure limit 9,000 psi;  high-precision injector drive-unit provides excellent accuracy and linearity.This product owns independent intellectual property rights, all of the key units/modules are of autonomous design and manufacturing. Performance of the entire system reaches advanced world level.

Product Detail :

  Up to 2.5 AU linear range of the detector, allows accurate analysis for widely varying sample concentrations, either with high concentrated substance(s) or trace component(s).
  Up to 100Hz data sampling rate, allows sharper peak(s) detection and enables ultra fast analysis.
  As low as 5x10-9 g/mL detection limit, creating higher sensitivity with lower noise floor.
  Proprietary automatic solvent-compressibility compensation and pulsation dampening technologies enable excellent analysis reproducibility.
 Patented propulsion technology and ultrafine NC processing provide excellent system durability.
  User-friendly HPLC workstation, complies with the FDA 21 CFR Part 11, GLP, GMP regulations.

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RIGOL L-3000 isocrat
L-3000 Quarternary A
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