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UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
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Make : Rigol
Model :
Ultra-3660 UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
Condition : Excellent
Config : Complete System

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Ultra-3660 UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

Ultra-3660 uv-vis spectrophotometer utilizes high quality grating, which dramatically reduces straylight level, and improves test accuracy & linear range. The instrument's wavelength calibration excuted by deuterium lamp, mecuray lamp and Ho2O3  Solution provides excellent wavelength accuracy. Four options of spectral bandwidth and built-in methods can meet different requirements from customers. Designs of TFT color screen and water-proofing keyboard secure its friendly usability. 

Product Detail :

    Double beam design
    Straylight below 0.03%T
    190-1100nm wavelength range
    4 options for spectral bandwidth selection
    Reliable wavelength accuracy
    Multiple built-in methods, supports operation via UV workstation
    7TFT color screen WVGA(800x480), water-proofing keyboard design
Ultra-low straylight provides accurate result
  Straylight less than 0.03%T on each sepcific bandwidth
 Wavelenght accuracy: ±0.3nm,precision for qualitative & quantitative analysis
 Multiple built-in methods, supports operation via UV workstation
  Versatile test solutions: spectral test, dynamic test, photometric test, quantitiative test
  Performance extendable via UltraUV workstation
 Supports storage of USB disk, connectable with printer
  Spectrums can be saved in USB disk and then forwarded to PC
  Connection to printer for direct printing
 7TFT color screen WVGA(800x480), graphical interface
  Supports input of numbers, English
  Water-proofing keyboard design, knob switch

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