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Benefits of SGE Deactivation

  • Deactivation is carried out at a temperature > 400°C which is hotter than injection port temperatures. This ensures no thermal breakdown of the deactivation under normal injection operating conditions.
  • In Situ Deactivation of all liners with quartz wool ie. there is no handling of the wool after deactivation. Manual handling of wool can cause fracturing which can lead to active sites.
  • Proprietary deactivation reagent ensures stability of deactivation and excellent lifetime.


How to select the right type of Liner

GC Inlet Liners - Selection Guide


Objectives of Sample Introduction

  • Representative aliquot from bulk sample
  • Fast vaporization in inlet liner
  • Expanded sample gas volume contained within inlet liner
  • Homogeneous mixing in liner
  • Representative transfer to column

Inlet Liners - Important Considerations

  • Must ensure complete vaporization of the sample before it reaches the column entrance
  • Must not react with the sample
  • The liner volume must be larger than the volume of vaporized sample
  • Should minimize discrimination not promote it
  • Adding quartz wool will increase the surface area of the sample and promote mixing
  • Liner should be deactivated especially for analysis of polar solutes and for splitless injections
  • Quartz wool should be placed in the optimum position

Benefits of SGE Inlet Liners

Range covers all applications and all popular instrument makes/ models
Range covers vaporizing and cool on-column injection techniques
Inlet liners ensure complete transfer of sample from syringe to the column without loss
Improved liner designs have improved both precision and accuracy of sample transfer

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